Our Practice

Kings Park Dental opened for patient care in June 2010 after extensive refurbishment of an eye catching and highly sought after building in the Kings Park area.

receptionOur comfortable patient waiting area is stylishly furnished and includes patient information brochures and two large wall-mounted flat screen TV’s to inform you about the latest developments at our practice.

You can get in touch by calling 0141 636 6330 or register your interest online and a friendly member of our team will contact you.

Alternatively you can use our convenient and time-saving online booking facility to book your consultation appointment right now.

State of the Art Equipment

At Kings Park Dental we have installed the latest and most highly sophisticated technology in order to provide our patients with a high level of service and care.

+ Online Appointment Booking

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+ Computerised Records & Diaries

We use the latest software from Carestream (the market leader in dental practice management technology), to process our clinical notes and data.

All our professional records are stored securely on our electronic database. This means that even if you are seeing a different dentist at the practice for an emergency, your previous clinical history is accessible at the press of a button.6

+ Low Dose Digital Radiography

There is now no need to wait for x-rays to develop as we use the latest technology in Digital X-ray viewing. Digital X-rays appear instantly on the screen in front of you, so your dentist can highlight any problems and take you through all possible treatment options.In addition, although the radiation dose of traditional x-rays was always very low, digital radiography allows us to now use just a fraction of the dose we were using just a few years ago!5

+ In-surgery Education Screen

At Kings Park Dental we believe that our patients should be given the best opportunity to understand any treatment that they may require and we therefore use the latest technology to facilitate this.Our patients are spoiled with each surgery being equipped with a large LCD monitors to allow the dentist to effortlessly show you anything from your digital teeth chart to educational animations, helping you to brush your teeth better.lcd

+ Patient Information Software

The latest digital animations from MediVision are designed to help you understand more about any treatment that you may require. We have included some of these animations in the common treatments section of our website.pis

+ Dental Loupes

In order to maintain a high standard of clinical care, our dentists will often use loupes when examining or working on your teeth. These are highly specialized magnifying glasses which provide the dentist with an enhanced view of your teeth.Dental experts around the world use magnification techniques to maintain high levels of care, and you will find your dentist at Kings Park Dental putting on their loupes, if they feel that your treatment requires it.loupes